US Debt Clock .org App Reviews

Excellent way to frustrate you!!

A lot of good info. Would have given a fifth star if it had a widget option. Hope to see a update with it.

Fed up with this app

How is it that when Trump was sworn in as POTUS the debt was $19,967,368,874,346. And at the exact same time it showed Obamas debt as $18,585472,059,008. Please help me figure out the mathematics on it. It makes no sense except for the fact that the creators of this App lean extremely left


This app is great

Excellent Data!

All U.S. taxpayers should be required to have this app and use it every time they demand an entitlement or a tax break. The piper is going to call one day and it won't be pretty! And to the people who politicized their reviews, read the explanation at the top of the list i.e. "On this day in...", then look at the big red year to figure it out.

Appears to be nice but ...

Upon first glance, it was a thoughtful and creative app with interesting details about national debts and state debts. But either the author likes the President -elect too much or hates him so much, he's letting Mr Trump taking the POTUS responsibility and debt credit even a month ahead of inauguration! I am not sure how that can win people's trust. 😼

Accuracy of forecast

The 4 year forecast of median home at 32k cannot be right. Tried going to the app support to report there, but the link leads to a 404 error page.

Best app summarizing debt problem

Easy to use, free app, from top sources with details on all aspects of US and global financial debt. Everyone should spend a few minutes in this app, to think, and try to change their part of the future.

Great and easy to use

Really cool to see what all of the changes are from 2000 to now. Works perfect with my iPhone 6S and my wife's iPhone 6. Not sure what the other reviewers are talking about.

Cool App!!

Runs super quick. Debt stats go back to 1900. Great get for the money.

Values do not line up

Values do not line up


This app does not work on my iPhone 6. Waste of money.

No Good

This app does not work please refund my money

Needs update

update for iOS9/iPhone 6. The values don't line up

Stat guy

The "BEST" Debt Clock app by far!!! Amazing amount of data. Would highly recommend...

cool part 2

very slow

A Must Have for Opportunist

This App fixes the inability of the iOS to properly show the real-time information.

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